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The 5 Most Horrifying Roller Coaster Accidents That Will Give You Chills

Hey Everyone If You Know Some of the roller coasters turned out to be deadly for some people. Below are some of such accidents that will make you think twice before getting on such rides.And the adrenaline rush and the horrifying feeling kicking in the veins is the best thing one can have.

1- The Big Dipper

Bye The Way The Big Dipper was a roller coaster in England in 1972. know that One unfortunate day, a cable that was drawing up one of the cars to the top of the hill fractured, and the car came rolling back, thus crushing 5 children to death and injuring about 13.

2- Mindbender

The Mindbender was one of the most thrilling and deadly rides at Galaxyland, a theme park in Alberta, Canada. There were some loose bolts that made the cars fly off the tracks into the concrete walls. the safety bars were also released which made people fall off the cars. the end of all the chaos, three people were dead and many more were injured.

3- Fujin Raijin

You Know The serious accident took place in Expoland, Japan, in 2007. In which a cart came off the track, sending a person, flying off to death and leaving about 19 people majorly injured.

4- Haunted Castle

In 1984 the huge fire broke out at 6 Flags, New Jersey. Around eight people were trapped in the castle at that very moment and ultimately burned to death. Police investigation suggested that the fire may be a work of some arson.

5- Superman- Tower of Power

And The Last If You Know This is so far the most disturbing accident and nothing less than any scene from The final destination movie series. In this ride, which is located in 6 Flags, Kentucky, the scariest nightmare of a group of teenage girls came true when the cable that was supposed to tow them up broke and whipped around in front of them. Those cables were actually striking the girls repeatedly. It completely dissected a girl, as her foot fell down to the ground.

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