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10 Most Shocking Images Illustrate The Sad Reality Of Life

The Sad truth about today’s world is that money, technology, power, social media has engulfed our lives. We are all also wearing a mask and our priorities have changed. We are always engulfed with our own selves that we have lost the human values. And more the technology has control over how we behave, work and think. SO Here’s a look at our life we lead today .

#1.When Status Update Are More Important

#2.Aroma Of Food Is Lost becz Everyone Is So Busy In Their Mobiles, Tablets.

#3.Everyone Too Short Of Time Want To Catch On Every Update On Facebook

#4.Body And Soul,Power Of Technology, Whatapp, Social Media, Have Gripped Us From Our Mind,

#5.Actually We Forgot The Global Warming And Killed The Mother Nature any time .

#6.Even When Someone Is Calling For Help, but We Are Busy Maki

#7.If you know Sacrifice Of Mother Doesn’t Get Noticed Anymore

#8.So We know always Brainstormed With Our Phones And Technology

#9.Modern Day Is That Tv Is Brainwashing Us

#10.No More Peaceful Sleep, Actually Humans Are Enslaved And Addicted To Money.



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