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7 Most Easy Fashion Hacks To Turn You Into A Fashion Diva

Hey Guys you would have to give up a clothing accessory or a shirt. Well.This article would tell you about some life-changing fashion hacks which would make your life a lot simpler. And these fashion hacks would help you dress up for a party or even for your office. So let's go ahead and try them!

#1. First,When you pair of jeans has a lot of dye

You must find irritating when your jeans have blue patches and all over the fabric. Then Just keep the jeans in cold water along with some vinegar in it for the night.You will see the jeans would surprise you in the morning.

#2.your shirts are too big

Well,It actually looks like the shirt is wearing you, tie the bottom of the shirt to form a knot as shown. This would help you to keep up

#3.Next, your zipper is stuck:

your favorite dress and the zipper gets stuck, Know rub some Vaseline on it.If you can't find Vaseline or are just too lazy to look for it; like your new tights way too much:

So just spray some hairspray on them after buying them. you won't have to worry for a long time after that

#5.your pants are too tight:

Then so just stretch them after washing and keep them out in the air. You will feel as if you have grown thin, the next time you wear them

#6.If you can't fit into your leather jacket:

Take somehow fit into it when it is raining and go outside. your jacket has been tailored to your size.

#7.If you put a stain on your shirt:

Make sure you grab some sanitizer on the way. Rub the sanitizer over the shirt .

#8.your jeans are awfully smelly

Just if you own a fridge, then you need not worry. Just do one thing, keep them in a packet when you keep them in the freezer. You may want to use your freezer again!



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