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OMG! Jaden Smith Plans to Cut Off Peni$ for 18th Birthday

Hello guys if you know most of the times people even end up believing that you did it for some noble cause. Dying your hair purple or getting a tiger's tattoo on your right Hand, Or that's what Jaden Smith thought when he planned to chop off his willy for his 18th birthday. Read the story below.

#1.First off, its his own decision.

"This is a decision I made on my own, but I hope this doesn't affect my parents decision to assist me with this financially,"

#2.For one thing we know, his decision isn't influenced.

The decision isn't a celebration of the fact that the USA legalized gay marriage. And the decision hasn't got anything to do with Kim K's dad and mom.

#3.He has a very interesting theory behind this decision.

#4.He says his peni$ shouldn't be his defining element.

#5.He further went on to explain it in terms of his career too.

#6.We are not sure how plausible his decision is.

#7.And all we hope is we don't get another Catilyn Jenner.



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