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The 7 Way You Hug Your Partner Tells A Lot About Your Personality

Hello guys If you Know hugging is a common thing to do, but we hug in different ways.Know that Whether you hug in a tight or loose manner, it will always be attached to your personality. So, Lets ready to find out what your hugs say about yourself? I hope you would like this below.

#1.Putting your hand in your partner's pocket means feeling safe.

If you put your hands in his/her pant pocket, this means that you are quite relaxed and comfortable toward your partner.

#2.Looking at him directly gives a genuine connection.

you are basically connecting with his soul. You feel a deep meaning with him as if his eyes hold the universe.

#3.Putting your arm over one's shoulder is often a sign of friendship.

If you know The person does not have to be your lover. This hug is often given to friends who you truly trust and can rely on.

#4.Giving a pat on the back also about being friendly.

If you hug like this, you are giving off a sense of camaraderie,This is you making friends.

#5.Wrapping your arms around the waist is really sweet.

Know If you hug the person from behind and do this,you can provide security and comfort anytime.

#6.Rubbing the back means somthing you want to reassure someone.

These means you hug someone and you are essentially telling them that everything is going to be alright.

#7.Dancing slowly while hugging means.

The meaning is If the two of you hug and move slowly and you two are truly in love. And You might not be young anymore, but being with this person makes you feel alive.



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