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11 People Who Will Make You Cringe Hard

When you think of the term " applesauce , " which comes to mind ?

A strange family member ? Some social media play? Or some girls too drunk to find the bathroom ?

Any of the above would make me cringe was in the process of writing this article , I cringe .

Some of these seem to be any real cringe-worthy , and I would not believe it , so I did not see it with my own eyes on the Internet .

#1.There is one in every family.

.#2. I also wonder why it is one thing .

#3.All I can say is that I hope they were not too drunk to remember it .

#4. I think two of them missed the memo .

#5.Most awkward proposal ever?

#6.The cat 's first and last name should be flattering .

#7. It is good for a relationship with friends stuff interests .

#8. I stop by from time to time just to see if anything was going to be .

#9.Someone is having an identity crisis.

#10.I feel equally bad for everyone involved.

#11.That's how feelings are broken.



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