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7 Things Women Do After Ending A Relationship

Depending on the personality of each woman so is his response to a break but there are certain things that we all do to get through this stage and cope in the best way; these are the main 7 things women do after finishing a relationship to feel better about ourselves.

.#1.We got drunk

To end a relationship first thing a woman is drunk to the point of destruction; this can be a one night thing or a self-destructive phase depending on the girl and the severity of the break.

2 # investigated in social networks

We review all of our former social networks every few minutes to see how he has continued with his life. And it gets worse if we find that it has begun a new relationship shortly after finishing.

3 # hear sad songs

We must go through a stage where all you hear are horrible songs that talk about how bad they are men . This followed by binge eating ice cream.

4 # We write about our pain

Any woman who has gone through a breakup has written at least one poem about the pain that consumes.

5 # depilation Out!

Many times we remove the hair removal as part of our routine. This is a battle cry against the obligation to remove all hair from our body to please men.

6 # talk about how bad it was in bed

A form of revenge is to shout at 4 winds how terrible it was your ex in bed, if you made a "mistake" and the size of their private parts; whether true or false.

We changed look 7 #

A part of the break includes a reinvention of ourselves, whether it's a new haircut , new clothes or even a tattoo; This has two functions: to show our ex what is being lost and renew ourselves for the new era will begin.

Like everything in life , this list of things varies from woman to woman, but contains universal behaviors with which you will surely feel identified if they ever suffered a breakup . I have done many of these things and whether you do these or other important thing is that you do what it takes to heal .

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