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If You Were Born In The 90s You Can Not Forget This

If you were born after 95, probably you will not know what the images that follow are treated. But, if you were born in the 90s you can not forget this you will see below.


Before going to school meant an adventure because there'd find your friends and, upon returning home, they were fired upon as only they would see the next day.

Also, if something was missing you for the task, there was no other way than it was to call and talk with the family of your partner before talking to him. Today, that has changed.


Those born in the 90s have no conception of what it means battery. And if threatened finish, there was no other than pray that time would at least get home it was with that battery you were listening to your favorite music on your walkman.


And when you wanted to record a song from our favorite artist this was the instrument that was used, together with a Bic pen to rewind.


The information is being sought in encyclopedias, no internet . Encyclopedias were inherited from father to son.


After finishing homework, you could spend hours doing works of abstract art in Paint. The most expressionism of the time in which you approached.


MTV saw when music was just 100%. Hopefully you could perhaps end up seeing some weird show.


When you finished your homework, it was time to play. You could play with your friends or neighbors, if you were lucky, you could play video games.


And if you portabas well in school, around you could be waiting for you with the kiss mom one of these, you reward for getting good grades.

Is there any more thing you can not forget the 90? You'll be happy to remind you!



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