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OMG! J.K. Rowling 'Loves' Casting Of Black Hermione And Responds To Haters

Play Harry Potter ( Harry Potter and the cursed child) of the popular characters Harry Potter , Ron Vysly , and Hermione finds Grngar all the big three lead characters in the upcoming drama have announced their casting decisions . However, a general announcement to the internet, many people have a problem with a portion of the casting .

#1. Acclaimed actress was cast as Phnom Dumaizvaini Herrmann Weasley , and announced on Sunday night after her skin color has been the talk of the town

#2.People got pretty stupid.

#3.Then the Queen came to the rolling landscape , and everyone had to just shut up .

#4.And a beautiful thing happened...

Fans of the dark Cmdi Herrmann has been trending like crazy tomorrow . Many people had already assumed the writing of Herrmann rolling , not representative of Failm was black . Others just hoped he would or another female character .

Jolie e Dogget writes , "This announcement is eligible for Hogwarts Intzar for my whole life has been like .

Finally , after all these years of playing make believe , there is a character in my favorite franchise I really can see myself ! A character that is attractive in all ways and I almost prefer . Black Herrmann is a real dream come true . "

Love it .



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