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OMG! This Woman Creates A Dress Made Out Of Pubic Hair

Inspired by the controversial Lady Gaga, fashion designer Sarah Bryan has become a celebrity after publicize his latest creation.

Sarah made the first dress with pubic hair. 'I wanted to create the most unique and disgusting design world to recognize when someone saw it was mine instantly, "he said.

The English girl, 28, was given the task of collecting pubic hair for the controversial dress, skirt and top made up.

For this work he used a donation campaign on social networks. That was how he collected you need to create your outfit, with whom he said wanted to overcome the meat dress Lady Gaga.

Sarah took 6 months and used more than 3,000 cuts.

Although initially doubted the response of people in the end he was surprised with the amount of hair that he collected.

During his creation he used gloves and masks. He sterilized girl hair before fixing it with hot glue to the top and skirt.



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