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The Best Tricks Of Makeup That Will Highlight Your Beauty

In magazines or different web portals we can see the best makeups , and the best ways to make getting the best finishes in our skin . Sometimes we may think that getting these results is the work of professionals, but you 're wrong because with some creative ideas can achieve the look you've always dreamed. Learn the best tricks of makeup that will highlight your beauty . I assure you that after seeing these techniques will change your way of makeup altogether. Take note!


By the time of applying the shadow also we have a very simple but effective trick. What you should do is paint in the corner of the eye a symbol of numeral or label as known in social networks, then blend it and see that you have the right amount of product on your eyelid.


If you want the shadows of your makeup stand out for its color must place a white base on the surface as a first step the look. This is a good option if we are to achieve a professional result.


The first idea is focused on the outlined : what you must do to achieve a lasting result is to burn the pen tip with a lighter. Thus the texture beauty product change will be much softer and allow you to slide better on the eyelid. Try this idea at home and notice the difference.



If you want to complement the makeup with an outline of a cat, you have two options. The first is to draw an empty triangle to mark the area and then filled to your liking. Otherwise, you can help with a teaspoon to delineate the area.


With respect to the mask we also have some very useful ideas. If you put a little powder on the lashes before using your mascara you will achieve a thicker finish and your gaze will be a million times more powerful.


Put a few seconds of warm air on your eyelash curler for a more pronounced effect and more durable.


This cookware also helps you to apply mascara , you must place it on the eyelid to prevent the brush of this beauty product stain the area.

Did you know these makeup tricks ? Let us know if you use other & share in your social networks!



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