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This Dad Got A Tattoo Of His Son’s Cancer Surgery Scar To Help Him Feel Less Self-Conscious

After seeing his struggling small child with a rare form of cancer , Josh Marshall was devastated when Gabriel, the small, told him how he felt: like a monster.

To fight the malignant tumor in his brain, the child now 8 years old had to undergo surgery to remove part of the tumor. The operation was a success because it managed to stabilize his condition, however, also I left a large scar on the right ear Gabriel. When the child revealed to his father who was very aware of his scar, his father knew he had to do something.

#1.The environmental challenge with his eight year old son Gabriel Marshall -year-old Josh Marshall . They live in Kansas .

#2.In March 2015 , a form of cancer called Gabriel Anplstich astrocytoma , a rare malignant brain tumor was diagnosed .

#3. "He is doing well and he is now about nine months off to have treatment , " Marshall said

#4. "It made ​​my heart broke , " Marshall said . The solution is a tattoo of the merciful Father Nishaँ resembled his son had been found. " I told him that if people wanted to stare , they can stare at us , " he said.

#5.Marshall won St. Baldrick’s 2016 #BestBaldDad with 5,000 votes.

"That broke my heart , " says Josh's father. "I said if people wanted to look at it , also would watch me". The dedicated father got a tattoo on his head identical scar Gabriel , in the exact place where the mark left by the cancer in his son is. After Josh shared heads besides showing their unconditional love for his son touching image photo #BestBaldDad won the prize (best bald father).

Josh wrote with the picture a simple explanation: the tattoo was done to help your child to regain confidence in itself, but it is clear that this father is doing everything it can to support your child at every step.



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