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This Girl Dropped 90 kg In Just 11 Months, Discover The Secret Of His Diet!

With only 24 years old, Simone Anderson Pretchrer suffered from overweight. So much so that weighed no more and no less than 173 kg . When he realized what he was doing to her body proposed something: lose weight following a natural diet. It really is amazing . Read on and see how this girl dropped 90 kg in just 11 months, discover the secret of his diet!

Is not it amazing the change? Most importantly , it was a decision fraught with discipline and motivation , and after completing the process weighed 91 kg .

It really is a challenge as this young man managed to lose weight and be healthy and toned body he wanted.

However, many users of social networks tried to refute this testimony saying that it was impossible. Well, we can say that all of them were evident, as Simone came on a program of very famous TV in New Zealand sporting his new figure and showing their degree of happiness to have reached its goal. Let's point that wants to get her bikini as soon as possible!

His secret formula to lose weight this so abruptly is a diet based on vegetables , combined with changes in their lifestyle and practicing various physical exercises.

Simone confessed in his statements to the press: " We definitely felt great pressure , are close to the world of beauty 24/7 and you're always seeing those beautiful models , and when I started with my goal of losing weight , I always had that in mind, I had beautiful slender women; although it was a great pressure, it was also a great motivation . "

For this girl is not simply based on weight loss and longer, but to change their habits food and sedentary lifestyle which not only feels better with their appearance but has also achieved a better quality of life.

What do you think of the physical change of Simone ? Share this post and help others to find the motivation and determination to lose weight and live a healthier life.



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