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Learn How To Make Step By Step To A Beautiful Friendship Bracelets

This is a tutorial to teach as a woven bracelet with shapes of hearts, ideal for gifts on February 14 , your love or your special friend or to give them any day your best friends. The materials you need are cheap and processing also has a high degree of difficulty, just pay attention to this step by step to a beautiful bracelets friendship . Take note!

The materials needed to make this beautiful bracelet are:

A piece of thick cardboard square (10 x 10)

A ruler or a square

A pen or pencil

Different thick colored threads also known as yarn (is that special yarn to knit with hooks)

You also need a template that is in the video that I let you down here to better appreciate the procedure.

#Let's start to make friendship bracelets!

In the carton you gonna do brands 2 cm on each side with the help of the rule. In each mark you made you write about to enter a number, total square should go from number 1 to 16, starting to list on the top side.

In the center of the square you must draw a rectangle measuring 2 cm long and 1 cm wide.

Then you make a cut on the marks you've already done and cut the rectangle.

Now you must take 50 centimeters of yarn to make the bracelet. You must cut 10 wireless base color and 2 color threads you use to make the color to be located in the center, before beginning to knit you must unite all the threads with a knot.

The wires must be introduced into the hole where you drew the rectangle was.

To start with the fabric you should take a thread for each slot you've done, the two wires color you chose for the heart should be positioned in the number 10 and 11 slot, everyone else can put random freeing the slot: 16 , 5, 13 and 8.

You will begin to weave bracelet following the small table found in the video, which will indicate to which slot you must move each thread to weave bracelet you want. By following the table you will see how it will be forming the bracelet in the center of the cardboard.

Here we leave the video so you can see step by step on how to make these beautiful bracelets:



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