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The 4 Most Common Mistakes We Should Avoid When Putting On Makeup

Today, the makeup for most of us is an important part of our daily routine.

There are so many brands and products that is very easy to lose and make mistakes that although they are very common, are catastrophic.

That's why we leave you a list of the most common mistakes we often make when putting on makeup:

#1. Choose wrong tone makeup

Before settling shadows and eyeliners, you must first prepare our face and cover any imperfections that may have our skin, a good basis for this necessary; In saying this, I do not mean an expensive brand but a base that is the same color of your skin, since the idea is to merge and unify the color of your face, to avoid the mask effect.

#2. Apply too much rouge

Another important part of a good makeup is flush, giving you that pink color to our cheeks, because its function is to restore the color that the base could have taken from our face. The solution is to take a small amount of powder soft tone and brush a little shake to remove excess

#3. Black Eyebrows

Another of the most common mistakes when putting on makeup is to believe that, having dark hair, eyebrows have to be even darker, ie black, NO !. Eyebrows should never go black, because that color is not in the nature. If you have very dark hair, you must place a very strong brown, but never a black tone.

#4. Color Palette

Finally, it is extremely important to maintain a ratio in terms of colors it comes, ie, if in your makeup your eyes will star, you can not paint your lips also with a strong color.

In a good makeup there is always a strong point, just one.

Then, depending on the occasion, you are free to decide what that point, if you prefer a dazzling look or excessively sensual lips.

Okay, since you know the 4 most common mistakes we should avoid when putting on makeup, I hope that you share with those who may have committed them , and thus be all about gurus on the subject.



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