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Vaseline Is Your Best Ally To Care For The Eye Area, Look Why

The contour of the eye is a very sensitive area and becomes more sensitive over the years each time. Specifically, both upper and lower eyelids are very delicate and women are used to expose the numerous chemical makeup.

That's why with the passing of the years the first lines occur in this area, Arrgh! Well, a key point to take care of this area is the hydration and that's the answer to why Vaseline is your best ally to care for the eye area ?, as Vaseline has the power to hydrate and at the same time nourish the skin that is found around the eyes and this helps us to postpone those little wrinkles that form over the almanacs.

Thanks to much research has been able to find this wonderful effect of Vaseline. It is a way to protect the skin near the eyes of various environmental agents and aging and even though its use is not as popular compared to expensive creams anti-aging effect is the same. That is why that women today become a substitute for professional masks against aging.

Vaseline comes from oil refining contains many vitamins that help delay aging, as are vitamins A and E and also functions as a potent hydrator skin. Allergies when used do not exist. It acts as a protective wall face from the moment it is applied, thus preventing many compounds wear the skin. in addition, there is a myth that Vaseline can close the pores but that depends on the type of skin , especially if this has the wide pores , so do a thorough analysis of your skin before deciding to apply.

The most important quality of this product is that its price is very low and you can find it wherever since marketing is wide, not bad for a product anti aging that has the ability to restore skin and hold it steady for a long time.

How to use it?

The way to use it is very simple, just apply a little on the eyelids with the help of your fingers. You must apply at night to do their effect while you sleep and if you have swelling in this area is a good idea to combine it with . Essential oils The recipe in this case would be:

1 jar of Vaseline

1 tablespoon wheat germ

1 tablespoon oil scented roses

Their preparation is to melt the petrolatum using a water bath. Once melted pour on rose oil with wheat germ simmered. When the ingredients are thoroughly mixed you must enter them in the jar of Vaseline and let stand while taking the ambient temperature. The way you apply Vaseline will be in a circle , extending in a slow and steady movement throughout the area you need. Repeat steps every night just before going to sleep to then admire the results.

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