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OMG! These Images Reveal The Horror Of Surgery During The 19th Century

'Critical Intervention', a book which was recently published in a graphic way how some surgical procedures were performed during the nineteenth century, and it will shake displays. How surgeries are performed in the period saw a complete revolution. That was the time when new surgical tools and procedures to be initiated. But still, they did not fancy tools like we have now, and therefore, surgery, that were performed were awesome back then.

#1.Surgical Hand Vice

The device is not so much the arterial blood lost during surgery, pressure is applied to. It can be more painful than surgery itself.

#2.Scot Robert Liston surgeon to perform surgery with anesthesia.

The Scot Robert Liston with anesthesia image shows the surgeon performing the surgery. He was seen holding a knife between his teeth and he was going to be crippled within three minutes. Many surgeons and surgical assistants in the hall was filled and the patient is wide awake.

#3.When they had Strabismus.

This is a condition where the eyes are not aligned normally and internal muscles of the eyeball to split the face in the right direction to be corrected by eye and it was used directly in the image of such devices.

#4.Surgical Instruments Used For Orthopedic Work.

I know that on my own heel if such devices while I'm wide awake are going to perform surgery on me! Anyone arms around people who look like to use to torture.

#5.Anatomy Of The Armpit.

The diagram shows the flow of blood to prevent the blood vessels were tied with thread and the process was called banding. Ouch.

#6.Body sides of blood vessels in the hand and elbow ligation.

See how the needles to stitch vessels or body work is normally used to make. It might hurt more patients out of pain and in the end killed!



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