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10 Most Rare And Bizarre Birthmarks Ever

We all have stains or elsewhere. Some may be on their butts in a small heart-shaped, and some may be on the side of your face. Some stains which can be used to identify an individual is.

Stains are completely natural and there is probably no way to stop them. But his birthmark is extremely rare and bizarre? We have gathered some people and their remarkable rare stain.

1. Connie

He had a benign tumor on his nose really red-clown "was born with the birthmark. Her parents were not concerned about the cosmetic appearance of Mark, but because the tumor was growing internally. After all, Connie had surgery to get it removed.

2. The white striped boy.

Not much is known about this little boy's birthmark, but it looks cool to look at. Do not you think? We wish him good health.

3. Cassandra Naud

Professional dancer, Cassandra, 22, fully embraced her birthmark is fantastic. He is exceptionally pleased that his parents surgically remove his birthmark was opposed when he was younger.

4. Li Xiaoyuan

Little Lee on his back started off with a very small birthmark, but as he grew up, birthmark started growing as well. Now he's got gray hair covering half his body. Him 'cat woman' calls.

5. Zhang Hongming

This guy is really growing in the human werewolf. Obviously, Zhang was a small birthmark, but it kept growing as he aged. This condition is congenital pigmented nevus as doctors are calling it as such is not found in humans.

6. 'Holy' cow

As it turns out, humans aren't the only ones to have strange birthmarks.

7. The turtle boy

Congenital melanocytic nevus, a young boy a condition known as Colombian suffered from. Large mole on his back, covered about 20% of your body weight. Play a surgeon from the UK flew remove the growth.

8. An Qi

Qi small birthmark covering half of his face with a giant was born. As the boy grew, so did the birthmark on her thick black hair.

9. Mneneon's map arm

This young man, "Port wine" as his birthmark birthmark says. They also used black ink to cover the birthmark areas to make it look like a map.

10. George Ashman

Little George birthmark on his forehead with a bright pink was born. His parents feared that she would suffer from years of bullying, but something incredible happened. Check out your changes to take a look at the next picture.



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