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Two Oceans That Meet But Do Not Mix - Watch Full Video

Today we are talking of Sura rehman, you people would read the Quran Sura rehman much or too often to be Sunni, but you know what the two river mentioned in Sura rehman whose Important thing is the two river not even meet each other, and both river water looks different.

The prophet said it is narrated from Hazrat Ali's everything Husnojmal (beauty), and Sura of the Quran Husnojmal rehman, these are two of the most notable part of the river flow into the sea when one of these two water despite bleeding together do not get together.

The bitter taste of a river, and the river Dosre very sweet, these specs in this new round of Quran-e-Pak Hkhaniyt (the truth), the mouth speaks Subot, Allah is shedding two seas is the nature of God.

It is in two river whose Jikhr Qur'an Sura rehman Allah commands These two just do not match each other under the guise of making it Ksmjne Nishania left by Allah for those.

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