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9 Things That We Were Instructed Incorrectly In School

We want to start by clarifying that not disparage teachers in their teaching . However there are issues that are taught in a very "simple" way. And others that science has tried to transform as time passes. To understand a little more find out about the 11 things incorrectly instructed us in school.

#1. The senses

It is hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch, science expresses others. Among them nociception (pain sensors), thermoception (of temperature). And so proprioception (lets know how to locate the parts of our body).

#2. The tongue and its flavors by parts

No, the language receptors are located throughout the area and are not distributed by segments.

#3. Three states of matter

It is liquid, gaseous and solid, although there are others at present. These are the Fermi condensate (at low temperatures), the Bose-Einstein condensate (with magnets and lasers). And the super-solid (where there is no viscosity).

#Mexico is Central American

Mexico belongs to the subcontinent of North America, however there are places where it is designated as part of Central America.

#5. We thought our planet was flat

Umberto Eco, his book of Stories of the Lands and the legendary places. He based messages of different characters. In that "All the scholars of the Middle Ages knew that the Earth was a sphere"

#6. America discovered by Christopher Columbus

Even if you do not believe, men already existed on the American continent, so this was already discovered.

#7. In the Middle Ages at age 30 and you were old

Although life was shorter than at present, by that time it was limited by infant mortality. At 20 years old, it was possible for you to be 30 years old and 45 years old.

8. Slaves built the Pyramids

These were made by free workers, not as we have been accustomed to the cinema to believe it to lashes or punishments.

#9. Animal Kingdom and Vegetable Kingdom

Not so, there are five classes to catalog terrestrial life: animals, plants, fungi, mera (unicellular) and protists

Did you know the truth about these issues?

Do you think that the teachings should be based on realities?



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