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How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs In The Simplest Manner

Ingrown hairs are very common among people with curly hair, but the problem faced by everyone. Instead it is a situation whereby the hair is growing out of the skin, it curls back under the skin and inside moves. The dead skin, oil, dirt, accumulation and full of hair generally occurs as a result. The face, hands, feet, armpits, on any part of the body like the neck and head can be developed. It causes irritation.

#1.Use tweezers

A pointed tip tweezers so that the end of ingrown hairs above the skin is grown, but it does not bind with the hair can break. You must be sterile tweezers. You just hit a sterilized needle is put through and can gently pull it out.

#2.use Sugar

Sugar should be cut down as a thing of beauty as, but sugar must be used here. C cup virgin olive oil with a cup of sugar can mix to get rid of ingrown hairs. Lavender essential oil and tea tree oil 8-10 drops stirring Apply ingrown hairs. With 4 hours lukewarm water for a few minutes before washing it off, clean it and repeat it a few times per week.

#3.Replace your shaving technique

The best tip to get rid of ingrown hair is to shave properly. Your legs or face (in the case of men) with soft first to make a good shaving cream and shave the area gently, without much pressure on the blade. Do not fight with hair. Instead of the usual one double or triple blade with a razor blade to use.

#4.Warm Compress

Apply a warm wet towel on the affected portion or the soft tissue around the ingrown hair. Repeat this until the hair close to the skin surface appears.

#5.Aloe Vera

It's just a mixture of aloe vera and tea tree oil are applied can be used to treat ingrown hairs. Swelling of hair curled inwards before attacking any infection will be reduced.


Your skin before shaving or waxing to get well exfoliated. As a thick layer of dead skin to the hair so it will be difficult to break through and grow inwards.



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