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Woman Gives Birth To 11 Babies Without C-Section

One of the greatest dreams of every woman is to become a mother, and to be the best mom. And although they all want a family to attend and see grow, it is not always so. So these longings become something elusive for different reasons. And they tend to resort to techniques that are available today to be able to conceive. This is the story of a woman who gave birth to 11 children in a birth without surgery . This was the case of Mariya Fernández (42 years old), who will be registered as a completely different subject. Since this woman could not have children like, and went with his partner to be performed in vitro fertilization . Known for causing multiple pregnancies, it is used for sterility when other methods of assisted reproduction are not successful.

11 babies in perfect conditions, and no cesarean.

Mariya Fernández, was happy to give birth to 11 babies in perfect conditions, and no cesarean. After 2 hours of labor, 11 boys were born, 6 of whom were identical twins. They came to weigh the beautiful children between 600 and 700 grams each. They were located in Indiana, USA, exactly at Riley Children's Hospital, in the intensive care unit. This multiple birth left in awe, but very happy to the doctors of the Hospital, who took care of this new breast. Dr. Roberts, who was an assistant during the entire process and support in the requirements of the same, said: "They went out one after another and from the moment the first one was born, until the last one, 37 minutes passed."

Did you think this new mom's case surprised you?

Now it will be the role of parents in this new experience to live, to do everything possible to grow healthy. Within an environment of love, tenderness and protection, as well as watching over its development. These are the fruits of life in giving women to have children for their full experience. The Fernandez family may be part of the Book Guinness World Records. Since the person in charge of this contact to the staff of the Hospital, to make an upcoming edition with the surprised case.



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