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6 Things You Should Never Publish On Facebook!

You have as much tendency to expose your privacy to the public place of social networks. What binds you to your half becomes the affair of 500 friends. Disputes, interposed statuses, tagged photos circulate from wall to wall, in a public display that borders on indecency and which could eventually annoy the other. Social networks and romantic relationships end up sooner or later by no longer being a good couple. You will have everything to gain by re-establishing certain rules regarding the behaviors supported on the social networks. Here are some missteps to avoid!

#1.Motus and mouth sewn on your secret garden

The perverse effect of social networks doubled to this annoying mania that you have to reveal yourself without shame can cost your couple dearly. Chase this habit of undressing your privacy verbally and reveal the prowess of your spouse, who wants to hear them, at the risk of suffering his wrath. Imagine the vicious circle in which you are engulfed, would you like your companion to show off your hot photos or talk about you as a sexual object? To speak of the feats or weaknesses of the other is like unveiling his Achilles heel.

#2.Lynching in public

How many couples hood for photos, posted comments that sparked disputes disproportionately of the gravity, ultimately, the death of a fly on a tile. It is good to sometimes complain and rely on the advice of your best friend but from there to tell your subjects of discord in the public square using subliminal messages, or worse wash your dirty laundry and lynching your spouse by tweets and Snap interposed. Is this a way of showing you respect?

#3.Contre you me that I contradict you

It is enough that someone opens the debate, so that the exchange turns to the launch of hostilities. Both want to take control of the discussion and control it. On the networks, it has become for you a conditioned reflex. Would not this be a way of diverting attention on you, by the effect of this opposition staged in front of your friends and followers?

#4.In error, you will induce me!

Do you think you're a master in the art of subtle communication? The subliminal messages and evasive statuses may, on the other hand, be misinterpreted and raise many questions. Do we test? Simply post the first trash quote , tear shot or big finger of honor stamped "I hate you", drawn on Tumblr, so that all your friends, bewildered and especially piqued with curiosity, overwhelm you with inquisitive messages, Drawing hasty conclusions and nursing the wildest rumors. You will not hammer them that it only speaks to you, nobody will believe a word. This is the other side of the coin when the virtual takes over the real

#5.Overdose on Facebook

Your current partner is categorical, the less you show your relationship on social networks, the better it will be. It annoys you and a beginning of conspiracy theory germinates in your mind. Do not go any further than that. After all you are freshly rested and the longevity of your couple is not yet confirmed. No one has demonstrated that to put themselves in couple on facebook or to show arm in arm are the sign that one loves and that it is for the life

#6.Honey, everybody reads us

If there is one thing that destroys trust within a couple and which men hate above all else is to find snatches of your conversations, intimate or not, moving from group to group and discussion in discussion. It does not matter if it starts in good faith and you just wanted to show your girlfriends how your darling was emotional by telling you about her martyred childhood. Pronounce screenshot in front of your darling and you will see her bristles bristling.

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