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Easy Ways To Makeup For Every Day

If makeup every day is a pleasure for some, it is a very difficult ordeal for others! Lack of time, ideas or know-how, you sometimes let go! So here are some simple tricks, to make an ideal makeup in all circumstances!

#A glowing complexion

The first step of a make-up "good-looking effect": the complexion. And so that this one is bright, nothing very complicated, only a few key gestures to respect. First of all, take care to hydrate your skin with a cream adapted to your skin type (dry, oily, acne, etc.). Then apply a cream BB, finger or brush, tinted according to your skin tone. The BB creams have the advantage of hydrating your skin while matting slightly.

#A sustained look

To make up your eyes without making too much, opt for sober colors: beige, rosé or taupe. The secret of a long-lasting eye makeup is to apply a liquid base on the entire eyelid. This sets your makeup and brings intensity to the colors of your eye shadows. To unify the color of your eyelid, first apply a beige shadow to the entire eyelid, the inner corner and to the level of the eyelashes of the lower part of the eye.

#A discreet mouth

Last step of your makeup: the mouth. For a natural and discreet make-up, ideal in all circumstances, opt for a nude, or slightly tinted mouth. Again, above all, it is essential to properly moisturize your lips. Otherwise, say hello to the lipstick that dries and the smile cracked! To do this, apply a touch of moisturizing balm beforehand, or opt for a nude, beige or pink glossy lipstick, moisturizing. But if you want to bring a bit of pep's and gourmandise to your smile, a lipstick slightly coral or raspberry will be perfect!

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