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Find Out What Your Face Says About Your Health. You Will Be Surprised!

When a task or button appears on the face, it is never very pleasant. Every effort is made to remedy and eliminate them. Beyond the physical and aesthetic aspects, these imperfections can in certain cases conceal certain disorders that can be serious and be signs of deficiencies or diseases.

# 1 .Yellow spots around the eyes, nose or mouth

Most often, these stains, called xanthelasma, appear because of a high level of cholesterol. It is a lipid deposit of pale yellow or beige color, appearing on the eyelid which is a sign of hypercholesterolemia.

# 2 . A pale complexion

A pale complexion and pronounced dark circles are often signs of iron deficiency or even anemia . This disease, which is widespread, affects more than 1.6 billion people worldwide.

# 3 . Lips on the lips

Known as angular stomatitis, pronounced cracks especially on the corner of the lips are a sign of a lack of vitamins B2 and B3. These have anti-inflammatory properties and their deficiency makes the skin reddish and leads to the appearance of cracks.

# 4 . About Acne

According to a study by the American Academy of Dermatology, acne may be caused by hormones. The hormonal variations due to menstruation, pregnancy and even menopause influence the maturation of the skin cells. The production of seborrhea increases and thus causes the appearance of pimples.

# 5 . Dry skin

A dry skin can indicate the presence of eczema. Applying a moisturizer will not solve the problem 100%.

# 6 . Forehead

If you notice that the skin on your forehead becomes greasy and acne-prone, it is very likely that you are suffering from bladder and small bowel disorders. Eating too fatty and too sweet foods that slow down digestion, excess alcohol and stress are the main causes of this ailment

# 7 . Between eyebrows

If acne pimples appear between the eyebrows and the skin becomes oily, this may show a malfunction in the liver. Poor digestion, excessive consumption of red meat and allergy to certain ingredients in foods eaten may be risk factors.

# 8 . Eyes and eyes

If the skin of your eyes and that which is under your eyes become dark, swell and let appear varicosities, it is possible that your kidneys are sick

# 9 . Cheeks

A pale complexion, acne and brown spots are symptoms related to the lungs and kidneys. Their cause, cigarette, stress, consumption of poor quality food and excessive consumption of sugar.

# 10 . Lips and chin

If the lips and chin show symptoms such as acne, brown spots and a pale complexion, your stomach is probably in poor shape. This is due to high intake of sugar, fatty foods, tobacco and alcohol, lack of sleep and stress . Source : santeplusmag


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