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Find Your Hairstyle What Says About You

Much more than a matter of taste, the hairstyle and haircut chosen can tell a lot about the personality of each one! Hair long, short, always loose or on the contrary pinned in bun, discover what your usual hairstyle reveals on you

# 1 . A ponytail

Women who prefer ponytails with open forehead and hair pulled back are often people who have confidence in themselves and who do everything to achieve their goals. They are women of action, determined and very ambitious

# 2 . Plaited braids

If you are a fan of plaited braids, this indicates that you are an eternal romantic. You are someone who appreciates nice gestures and is very open to new experiences. As for your relationships with others, you tend to always see the good side of the person, which causes you to be often disappointed

# 3 . Hair loosened

Women who prefer their loose hair are people who are comfortable with themselves and this on all counts. They are dynamic, love movement and feel good in the life they lead

# 4 . A samurai bun

Coiffure in vogue right now, the samurai bun came back on the front of the scene after several international stars raised it. If you also adopted it, it reveals that you are a woman who follows trends and likes to present the best of herself. But not only ! This hairstyle which takes its name from the great Japanese warriors, characterizes a strong personality. The women who display this hairstyle are beating and independent, but hide a tender and sensitive little side

# 5 . A high bun

If you are in the second category, this indicates that you are ambitious and have determination and confidence. You have confidence in yourself and display a neat appearance that goes hand in hand with your strong character

# 6 . A braid

Hairdressing schoolgirls and wise girls, the braid is also one of the most classic hairstyles. The followers of this style are often calm, open and very altruistic people. They are always there for others and do not hesitate to help people in nee

# 7 . Long hair

Although very difficult to maintain, a long mane has often been synonymous with seduction. Women who prefer to keep their hair embody femininity and give great importance to their physical appearance. They follow trends closely, are elegant and know how to show off

# 8 . Short hair

Often associated with masculinity, short cuts sported by women reveal a strength of character and personality. The women who take this step and dare the court are strong and daring people. They like to have control and have a little perfectionist side

source : santeplusmag


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