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Top 10 Of The Funniest Texts From Dads Ever

In this post, we are going to share Top 10 Of The Funniest Texts From Dads Ever. Sometimes many people create a perfect combination of all three. The list below of some of the funniest dad hilarious texts, and bad text advice by dad, so don't forgot your vote for the best text. I hope you would like this post.

#1.The teacher pointed at me w/the ruler and said " at the end of this rulwe ia an idiot" and i asked which end

#2.Dad there's a month on the outside of the bathroom door can you get rid of it?

#3.School is really great. i am making losts of friends and studing very hard . with all my stuff, i simply can't think of anything i need 3$

#4.Come on down, dinner is ready you know what that means?

#6.How is practice going

#7.trying to wish you happy fathers day but your phone is off. unhappy fathers day.

#8. I am going to party

#9. hey son, do you need anything from the store , while i am here.

#10 Hey what's aap



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