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Top 5 Secrets Of True Love - Everyone Needs To Read This

Great love does not mean that everything is always rosy. According to Dr. Barbara de Angelis, we do not become brave by being happy every day. We become it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity. The same applies to romantic relationships. We consider the ideal couple as two people riding towards the setting sun. But in general, it is rather the reverse, even with regard to the so-called "perfect couples".

#1: falling in love

Your heart dominates your skeptical mind, and the hope that a person is the embodiment of your happiness can override your sense of caution .

##2.2: Being a couple

Your lives begin to mix, you may move in together, marry, and even have children during this time .


In this phase, you know your partner as your pocket, so well, in fact, that it becomes predictable. And you're afraid he'll be bored .

#4: Create a lasting link

It is a period of understanding and consolidation for both of you.

#5: join forces to change the world

Love is certainly a confusing thing, but when it lasts, it can change the course of a life.



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