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What Your Sleep Positions Say About Your Relationship

As bizarre as it may seem, imagine that the positions taken with your half during your sleep tell a lot about your relationship and the health of your couple. Learn how to decode how you sleep for two and what it translates through the description in this article

# 1 . On either side of the bed

# 2 . Their separate ways

# 3 . Head on Shoulder

If you both fall asleep and the woman is laying her head on her companion's shoulder, it means she trusts him and is ready to let him go. She feels safe but should not too open to the point of becoming addicted or even dependent.

# 4 . Nested

When the man falls asleep on his back and madam falls asleep on his stomach and places his head and part of his bust respectively on the shoulder and the bust of his half while being embraced in his arms, Intimacy, attention and protection within a strong couple

# 5 . The spoon

Surely one of the most common positions for couples, mostly those who have recently married. When the woman takes the posterior position, it means either that it is she who gives the most either that gentleman needs a lot of attention

# 6 . Entwined

This position is certainly the most intimate of all because, although it is less common than the spoon, it intervenes mainly when intense feelings are exacerbated especially after having made love or at the very beginning of a relationship.

# 7 . Feet touching

Some people do not necessarily need to be glued to each other to sleep peacefully, only a slight contact is enough. The idea is to sleep two without choking but to maintain a certain physical proximity to make sure that you are not alone in bed

# 8 . Buttocks touching

This position is the most important within a couple that has been together for a while already because it puts forward a certain independence and at the same time a certain proximity.

source : santeplusmag


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