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10 Most Shocking Pics Of Drunk Celebrities

Celebrities have a busy life and they also require a bit cold, or we can say it's a little escape. Thus, it is not something incredible when they finished indulging in it and end up losing their senses. Well, here are a few celebrities who look so funny when they are drinking. Check out these pictures.

Simon lost in thought for some time that seems to be beer.

Madonna is still looking very good, though not in her senses.

This woman is ready for you to put down!

He forgets that he is enjoying a cracker in his mouth is.

I think it is a picture of a battle?

He could barely open his eyes after a few drinks.,

Paris Hilton also made it difficult to stand or walk properly.

He feels dizzy and his bodyguard to protect her and make her walk needs.

The chips are not over yet, but she needs a good sleep.



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