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15 Uses That Coconut Oil Is The Perfect Cosmetic

Although coconut oil is a fairly common product, we know many of its uses. I have used for many things at home, especially to moisturize the skin, but the reality is that it has hundreds of different applications, from cosmetic product to culinary ingredient going to be a very effective remedy to alleviate some health problems.

#1.As deodorizer

Coconut oil is not only a natural softener, it is also a deodorant. When combined with sodium bicarbonate and essential oils you can get a homemade deodorant without having to worry about irritation.

#2.Insect repellent

Many people seek natural above all and in this line, coconut oil is wonderful to avoid toxic ingredients commercial insect repellents. It must be mixed with citronella oil, clove and eucalyptus essential oils.

#3.Shaving cream

The shaving cream is one of the products that can easily be replaced by coconut oil. It is very moisturizing and helps prevent both skin irritation as hairs stuck under it.

#4.Burn cream

When we burn, we seek solace in creams. Coconut oil, however, is very good to avoid redness and skin to heal faster.

#5.And moisturizing night cream

Moisturizing powers coconut oil make it ideal for a restorative cream, or even as a regular substitute moisturizer night. Of course, it does not carry the additional oils that cause acne, and when combined with sunscreen can also be a good day cream.

#6.To wash your face

Coconut oil we can use for facial cleansing. Simply rub with oil or massage the face and neck in a circular motion. It also has antibacterial and antifungal benefits. Then, you should also use the usual to remove any residual cleaner.


As we know, its antibacterial and antifungal properties also make it perfect for use on the feet. In addition, it is providing extra hydration perfect for this area of ​​the body so dry.

#8.Cuticle oil

In this same way we can use it smoothly and with great benefits in your hands. It will help our cuticles are softened and therefore will be easier to push them to make room for the nail.


Very suitable for hands and punished dry skin, coconut has properties that soothe and moisturise.


Often we feel dry or chapped and we need to rehydrate. This oil is very good for these cases, and also has a delicious smell.

#11.Treatment of herpes

Another use is that it helps with cold sores. The fatty acids of coconut oil contains antimicrobial properties that help protect and heal from infections that cause these ulcers. It also reduces scars.

Balm for diaper irritations

Coconut oil also serves the smallest of the house. It helps prevent and relieve dermatitis sometimes causes diaper use.

#12.As massage oil

Its good smell, hydration and how soft is make it perfect as massage oil on the skin.

As brightness cheekbone

also it has the property of light, which makes it perfect to give light to the face.

as desmaquillante

Perfect for removing makeup, works even with the stains that are water resistant. Just apply it on a cotton ball and use it as a conventional make-up remover towelette.


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