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5 SignsThat Need To Relationships

Be stress or lack of privacy, many couples suffer from the lack of privacy for prolonged periods, and of course, the relationship suffers a bit; and if you are single you can also be going through a period of prolonged drought. Many times even though we pass, we do not realize or do not want to see, but there are at least five signs that lack sex and it is important to recognize how such, take note!

#1. fixed idea

You live thinking about having sex all the time and it is affecting your daily life because it distracts you from your tasks. Well, that means you need a little love.

#2. Humor bitch

#3. Fantasies at work

Do you send a payroll accounting for a balance and you feel excited like? It is a clear sign that girl need some action.

#4. You feel attracted to people who normally would not look twice

In the office there is a guy who normally would not be your type but for some reason you find attractive and fantasize about kissing him passionately. Wait! Perhaps what you need is a sexy time with your boyfriend.

5. Onanismo

Finally, the last resort is it. It allows you to relieve tension and relax a bit, but anyway you will feel empty. Never the same that accompanied it alone.

Do you they suffer or suffered any of these symptoms? Tell us and compártannos in their social networks!



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