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7 Easy Tips To Wear Heels And Do Not Feel Pain

"The beauty costs" is a phrase we've heard all women throughout our lives and while it is true there are also limits. It makes little sense to use some heels precious but so uncomfortable that prevent us from enjoying the moment do not you think? Of course we still all wear shoes high because stylize our figure, give us more height and God, what if they're cute. So today we will see r 7 Tips to wear heels and do not feel pain. Take note!

#1.Buy the right number

It may seem obvious but it is actually one of the errors most common. When we are in the shoe we have to walk a bit with them and then get on tiptoes. The right shoe for your waistline is not going to come back when you do. If it does, cuter or cheap it is, do not buy it .

#2. Learn what's right for you

If you're like me you like absolutely all models of heels. But the reality is that we are all different foot and to know which shoe is best for ours is the best hit a visit to the podiatrist.

#3.Thicker the taco, less pain

Of course the stilettos are beautiful and probably the most delicate but unfortunately also the most painful and difficult to handle. It is quite easy to lose balance and fall over and doblarnos foot and equally ugly is going around like drunken stagger. My recommendation is that if you want to use first get used to walking with other tacos, these are for experts.

#4. thin soles? No thanks

It is not necessary to always use platform of course, but if it is true that are much more comfortable. It's best if you wear shoes with thin soles are of good quality and if the pain is still too much for you can buy silicone insoles that become more acolchaditos.

#5. Tomato breaks

You can not wear heels 24 hours 7 days a week. You have to rest a little and give a little attention to your feet. Stretch your ankles and massage fingers and foot.

#6. Stay away from sandals with few strips

They are beautiful clear display and let the whole foot, but you will pay with pain. It is important that if you are not expert use sandals covered the instep because the foot is securely fastened and not hurt much or have many problems walking.

#7. Practice

Nobody bought his first pair of cleats and used without suffering. The trick is to practice at home , you'll see that more and hurt less and stand it any longer. The same goes for new shoes , before taking them out to the street is a good idea to use at home for a while.

I hope this post make their lives easier in heels! Did you know these tips? Coméntennos and compártannos on social networks!



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