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8 Easy Tricks To Mask The Face With Acne

The fact of having acne is something uncomfortable in itself and is even worse if you have a special occasion and it gives you trouble all to see your face bare. The looks of judgment are not fun , and also can affect your confidence in yourself which is always terrible. Thinking about it, we bring you something amazing: 8 Easy tricks to mask the face with acne , Do it and nobody will know the secret of your skin!

#1. Prepare the face

First of all you must be sure to thoroughly clean the affected area with the proper cleaner for your type of skin and removing fat face. When finished, apply a moisturizer to prevent flaking acne.

#2. Do not exfoliate the face

If the skin on your face is irritated by the appearance of acne, it is not advisable to exfoliate the face minutes before applying makeup, because it would face reddened by such action.

#3. Resist the desire to wring

As tempting as it look a granite , not for the world must dare to squeeze as inflame the area and would begin to bounce through the blood granite area or, what is worse, the area can become infected.

#4.4. Corrects redness

To correct the red part caused by acne, it is recommended to use green concealer , because acne is red.

#5. Apply concealer

Once completed the above steps, we can apply concealer in the affected areas. It is advisable to apply a isotopo not with a brush, to prevent bacteria from spreading. Always keep in mind that the correction should be the same color of your skin.

#6. Apply the foundation

After having covered the area acne concealer, it proceeds to apply foundation over the entire face.

#7. Sella with organic dust

To seal the base, uses an organic powder. Apply with a brush all over the face.

#8. Ready

Ends with a shade of your choice, giving the final touches to a neutral blush and lip gloss to highlight. If you do not know which lipstick to use checks tell me how are your lips and tell you how to choose your lip

You already have the solution, dare to try it ! and share with us the results. I assure you are amazing! Now I finally can say: BYE, ACNE! At least until you have to desmaquillarte😉



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