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8 Images That Show The Difference Between Women And Men!

Have you ever wondered how different are men and women really? Here's the answer! I do not mean the obvious differences in body or organ, but rather in what refers to the way of being and behavior. Come with me and have some fun because these eight images that show the difference between women and men, and you can not stop laughing!

This is obvious, but while they have only brought a more than enough, to us we never seem enough and we need a different outfit depending on the occasion.

2#.Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence they say out there ... but I'm not so according to the image because lately are seeing many men who have the change of character of both accuse us women.

3#.The visit to the toilet is something that differentiates us clearly the male gender . As we go as a group and do long lines, they have no problem with doing their stuff anywhere.

4#.We return to the first example: Here we have one of the big differences between men and women. While they are always looking for the latest video game and used until they have passed all levels ... well we always have the same problem. Although this can vary because there are many men who like good clothes and have hundreds of costumes and there are women who love video games and are some experts on the subject.

5#.Look carefully at this picture, it is not clear the difference between men and women ? Nothing more certain!

6 #.This image represents, in a very funny way, how we view sex and how women see men.

7 #.In this funny image, Illustrator different regions of the brain of a woman and a man imagined. Be sure to watch very carefully and have fun as it happened to me when I saw her.

8 #.

The differences between men and women is also noticeable even in how we see colors. They have greater difficulty in recognizing the different ranges and shades while we see them easily.

What did you think these differences between women and men ? Do you seem real? Let us know & share in your social networks!



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