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9 Times In Which The Baby Pictures Came Out Really Bad

When we are parents, we have that irrepressible urge to immortalize our children at all times . This desire is heightened even more when we see the typical picture of extremely tender babies.

Anyone who has tried to "plagiarize" any picture you've seen in a magazine knows that the results can be catastrophic . Our expectations immediately collide with reality nothing but see the photo.

If we add to this the unpredictability of children, the result can be a mixture of funny and painful . You can judge for yourselves what I say the following 25 photographs of babies. The change in what was expected to what was really is great fun.

#1."Leave me paaaaaz!"

#2.It seemed a good idea

#3.The attitude of the players is very important

#4.Poor baby does not seem very comfortable

#5.We started good…


#7."Honey what you asked for this time Amazon?"

#8.Something does not work in this photo

#9."Get me out of this hell of balloons!"



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