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Simple Home Remedies Most Effective To Remove Stretch Marks

If you're fighting the striations , or you want to prevent apart can- the remedies home can be an effective solution and low cost; only requires perseverance and dedication.

Test any of the 3 home remedies most effective to remove stretch marks and restores a beautiful

#1. Mask Apricot

You will need to:

2 or 3 apricots.

Water tibia.

In preparation:

Open apricots and remove the seeds, tritúralos into a paste; then apply this paste on the grooves . Let stand about 15-20 minutes and washed with warm water. Repeat every day for a month.

#2. Aloe vera gel

You will need to:

Aloe vera leaves.

In preparation:

Remove the skin and leaves the gel extracted from inside the sheet. Apply this fresh aloe gel on striae and let stand 2 hours, then washed thoroughly with water.

3. Oil to reduce stretch marks

Natural oils are excellent emollients to restore skin, you just have to massage the skin with stretch marks for half an hour daily; these are some of the oils that you can use:

Olive oil.

Lavender oil.

Rose oil.

Incense Oil.

Myrrh oil.

Almonds oil.

Geranium oil.

Chamomile oil.

It is best to mix some oils more effectively, making this recipe as an example:

½ teaspoon of lavender oil.

½ teaspoon chamomile oil.

2 teaspoons almond oil.

Mix oil and do massage as discussed above.

We encourage you to use any of these remedies to remove stretch marks , you know you have to be consistent and use them for a long period of time to see results.



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