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These Horrible Things You Do To Secure Your Boyfriend

I bet you occasionally suffer from bouts of moodiness, for example when the rule makes its appearance and who is paying the piper? Well, nothing more and nothing less than your boyfriend! The poor man has to endure your cries and recriminations just because you're in a bad mood. Pay attention to see what you think, because these horrible things you do to secure your boyfriend .

#1.Treat bad about how was your day

There is nothing worse than to get even with your guy for what happened to you without him is at fault. Obviously you going to berate things that calculation are the cavemen.

#2.Fight him over trifles

There is no doubt that women have the damn habit of seeking the fifth leg the cat as they say and our poor boyfriend ends up paying the piper because we seek no fight with any situation that makes sense.

#3.Make him jealous

I wonder why we do that? I really do not understand.

#4 Mistreat his family

Sure you went to lunch or dinner with your family with face of few friends. Think about what made the poor man? Nothing!

#5.Give orders

You force it to do what you want, is seen as you like and even to talk as you like is something wrong and it's horrible that you do to your boyfriend .

#7.Be ungrateful

It 's nice when we have a kind gesture or make a gift thank us for doing this is not something horrible that you do to your boyfriend and if you did not notice, it hurts a lot this.

#8.Be dramatic in public

The truth is a fool if you start to scream and berate things of the time when Columbus discovered America, I think that will not like it at all It's a very bad attitude!

Think about how you treat things and horrible that you do to your boyfriend because those same things he can start hacértelas you and think you will not like at all.



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