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What do you have your nails on your health? Find it out!

The nails also serve to paint and have beautiful hands tell us much more about the health of our body . You want to know what you have your nails on your health ? Find out!

# Nails having white spots

Nails with white spots may be due to changes in the cuticles generated by some type of injury or a reaction to some type of product (allergies usually).

However it can also be a sign of problems in the liver or kidneys. But the white spots on nails indicate not only disease physical but can also involve stress .

# Nails yellow

This phenomenon may occur at first if you usually smoke a lot of cigarettes as nicotine containing produce this coloration.

It may also be of fungi or bacteria and even be a manifestation of lung, psoriasis or simply use problems enamel for long.

Nails # thicker than normal

It may be due to a possible infection or circulatory problem and even signal a disorder of hormones or lungs.

# Very pale or whitish Nails

This particular condition can be caused by anemia or iron deficiency.

# Very brittle nails

In some cases it is a normal process of aging but can also be a sign of disease in the thyroid gland.

# Nails too soft

You can indicate contact with substances alkaline strong or poor nutrition as well as problems endocrine or arthritis of chronic type.

# Nails purple

Nails this color usually due to an injury by a blow, but if you turn blue, this is indicator of poor oxygenation due to bronchitis, emphysema or pneumonia. Although both also colors may be due to extremely cold weather.

Normal nails have soft pink hue and have a smooth and without any breakage texture.

Tell us what do you see in this article a match with the shape of your nails ? Do you identify with any of the points of this article? If you have any questions do not hesitate to do it now.

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