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What Happens - When You Put A Clove Of Garlic In Your Ears Before Going To Bed !

You will be happy when you know the many benefits of garlic. But most, when you know what benefit it brings to your ear, you will be relieved. Garlic is a popular component and its strong smell and taste due to the different cooking methods used, and it has various advantages from it as well. Read here to know:

#1.Its boosts the immune system.

Thus, if you often suffer from common cold, add garlic to your diet to make you immune to it and every now and then can help to avoid petty cold.

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#2.Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory

Now, the study also shows that garlic has anti-inflammatory, an antibiotic and, thus, to prevent all ear infections and can treat headaches from occurring again.

#3.Fresh garlic to kill pain

An easy way to peel fresh garlic can kill the infection in your ear and you can get rid of the pain within fifteen minutes! About 48 hours the entire treatment may take as well.

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#4.How to insert it in ear.

Before you plug in the shape of a cut piece of fresh garlic bulb and then wrap a piece of tissue. Next, you place the garlic, wrapped in the ear canal. Shove it or is it not also be hurt, but just let it rest in the open like an ear plug. It would be best if you keep it at night, as it will stay inside for a few hours at least.

Watch the video here.



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