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11 Photos That Will Help Restore Your Faith In Humanity

I do not know about you , but every time I sign online , it take another tragedy on the news feeds.

It's disheartening . This is disturbing . It 's exhausting .

Sensational horror stories , and it seems the only thing I ever see .

Do not get me wrong : these stories are important ; They deserve attention .

But we need to balance . We remind you of the endless amount of good in this world needs. We need hope

#1.The nine -year-old boy PDA to go to the hospital for surgery . She was very nervous and wanted to toy with him his Bedaia . Although his leg was torn toy

The child does not want your money . He just wants to make you smile

#3.This is Marvin . He eighty-three every morning he looks through the trash for aluminum . Why do ?

#4.When the car was hit and the driver went off the Away , someone took the time to write a note .

The animal shelter pulses out a plea for help , as they have only one day's worth of food was Coda .

#6.Girls cut in line at the airport . He cut in front of the person told him it was not good enough . Flight status , the person was found .

In an instant, the man confirms that there are still people in this world who are actually caring for others

#8.Just had crowded . The young man with special needs named Robert Godfrey sat next to a gentleman named and asked to hand parked .

#9.This works as a waitress at night to nurse . On a particularly stressful shift , he wanted to encourage him by couple who was handed the note

#10.The man with dental problems since he was a child is Pidit . He is a waiter at a diner . He never had been able to afford proper dental care

#11.The man 's lost wallet was returned to him really .



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