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Three Easy Ways To Get Rid Of The Annoying White Skin Ulcers.

Do you know stuff like that all across our eyes , white , round and small pimples are what is called milia . Milia is usually found in children.And people of all ages and breeds can be. These tend to disappear within a few weeks . If you do not know about Milia , Read for more information about it .

Keratin is trapped beneath the outer layer of skin , sweat gland at the base of the formation of small whitewashed make Milia . Keratin is a protein which prevents damage to our epithelial cells . These kits of 1-2 mm and rounded shapes in yellow and white are. The nose , cheeks and around the eyes appear , but they are not that itchy or painful . And they can appear on any part of the body . Milia are not harmful , but they are as hard to get rid of a strong breaking nut . No injuries or damage to your skin if you want to finish it so important to know the right way . We are going to tell you some easy ways to eliminate milia . To get rid of these annoying Milia safely , carefully read the instructions below


1st Way.

A device called the Kedone extractor . Milea by him a little opening on the outside of the push it. If you 'll make a tear- up kit . Milia slowly pull out your tweezers . Please be very gentle about it. After the end of Milia , you can use your daily skin care .

2nd Way.

You need a sharp -edged object , such as a sharp needle or a sharp tweezers . When any of your devices do not forget Alchoholik substance which prevents infections . Cleanser your face with warm water soluble fluently to the obscure . Your skin will dry . If your skin is completely dry before this , please start to remove milia . If you do not get the scar on your face , then gently remove those Milia .

3rd Way.

Milia with its needle or tweezers to put up a slight incision . Then you will be able to remove milia . We know how important it is for flawless skin . Using these three methods to remove milia , then you will not complain of any Milia . Do not forget to CMT - routine cleaning . moisturizing and toning. Patience is very important for skin and healthy habit .



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