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Top 10 Most Weird Things You'll Only See At Walmart

We have this weird dichotomy where Uncleeppad Toanails with , on the one hand , people are trying to live their online selves as look cool and chic as possible , yet those same people a bath for three days and forget to go shopping at the local Wal-Mart and their ass crack hanging out.

.The paradox of the unique , seemingly helpless giant cube of low cost and low self-esteem this strange journey we call on Walmart to Kbza a website dedicated exclusively to the picture is so incredibly funny .

I Bourgeois , Satan and Walmart elite cream of Misfits - letting - L- great length to bring the cream has gone through and I do not doubt you will be impressed by the extravagance displayed in their depravity .
Enjoy judging people . But remember: you have a bad breakup , a lost job and being featured in this article are far from a bottle of vodka . Beware .


#2.Wall was not an instruction manual .

Hilarious return for business reasons: Wal-Mart edition

#4.On the way home from work is to make a quick stop at Walmart .


#6.It's called freedom. Look it up.

#7.A trip to Walmart to give your child the equivalent of Vietnam flashback .

#8.Unfortunately , not taking Itunas for digital downloads , " the eyes of a child, " so hopefully you still own a CD player

#9.The "no" that one of the children had never been told Pidai side effect of raising

#10.Nothing says , a 12- pack of noodles Rman on Valentine's Day " in our windows with a leaky roof and a bullet Ceda bedroom apartment is as good as it's gonna get ."



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